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Paddletek Pickleball Paddles

Paddletek Pickleball Paddles

Really like the feel, response and control. I could never go back to my wood starter paddle. The Tangent Pro is a home run. I have used the Tangent Pro during West Genesee School District Adult Education Classes, I really like the paddle. Love the weight of the paddle, and I swear I have fewer miss-hits. The ball rockets off the paddle better than other paddles that I have used. There seems to be a larger sweet spot. It’s at the top of my favorites list, it has a totally different sound and it is thicker than my old paddle which seems to be a trend in paddles. I love the 4 3/8 grip, which is perfect for me and I like the feel of the grip. it’s a very predictable paddle. Consistent large sweet spot, excellent balance, and just as much power as control. Have been using for few sessions of pickleball. Good quality, comfort handle and grip, over 8 oz and should be considered as medium weight range which likely is more suitable for guys.

For me as a hard hitter and like to do 3rd shot drop, this paddle can provide;

  1. excellent powerful drive stroke,
  2. good to moderate control to perform 3rd shot drop,
  3. easy to block hard hitter drive due to the solid paddle surface,
  4. great control in NVZ to do dinking.

The thicker core doesn’t feel slow or clumsy like some of the newer premium paddles, it’s very easy to move quickly, I have more control than before but on drives I must put more energy into the shot. I played yesterday for two hours and I seem to have better serve placement accuracy so maybe I am getting used to the paddle. The weight and balance are very good; grip is excellent. Overall 4.5 stars, gets my recommendation.

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Pickleball is America’s fastest-growing racket sport. Whether it’s played indoors or outside, pickleball offers its participants exciting action, strategy opportunities, great exercise and good clean fun.

The sport is played with a paddle and combines elements of tennis, table tennis and badminton. It can be played as singles or as doubles.

Camillus Park is home to six dedicated pickleball courts. Located on the west side, these courts are freshly paved and painted, and are available from dawn until dusk for pick-up games to players who have their own nets and equipment.

Beginning the first week in June, a Friends of Camillus Park representative will be at the park, weather permitting, on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 6:30 until dusk, and Saturday morning from 9:00-12:00 pm. All are invited to play – new players as well as experienced players. Paddles and balls are available for beginners to borrow, as well as requested instruction or entry-level coaching. Players are expected to assist with the equipment setup and take down.

For questions, please contact Lisa Hall via email at Updates will also be entered on the Camillus Pickleball Facebook page. Interested players may also subscribe to an FOCP Pickleball email distribution list which will communicate the most up-to-date playing status when inclement weather threatens.