Who are we?

The Friends of Camillus Park

The Friends of Camillus Park is a grass roots group of residents that began meeting to assist in the revitalization of Camillus Park according to a 5 year Master Plan created by a committee of volunteers who had been commissioned by the Town Board to suggest improvements to the Park once the swimming pool was found to be too costly to repair and maintain.

A Mission Statement was created:

"The Friends of Camillus Park is a Community group of volunteers whose purpose is to work with elected officials and town residents to revitalize Camillus Park for educational and recreational activities. Our objective is to restore and enhance Camillus Park while preserving the natural beauty and health of the forest to bring friends and families to the Park."

After incorporation, our first project was to contact SUNY ESF for advice on the Forest Trail improvements. In 2015 National Grid employee volunteers assessed and removed hazardous trees from the picnic area and constructed a pedestrian entry trail from Winding Way into the Forest. Next we began fund raising for the Splash Pad construction in 2016.

The fund raising activities consisted of two "Fitness Fiestas," individual donations and grant applications. We also sponsored Forest trail maintenance, Park cleanup, "Walks in the Forest," Tail Gate Parties and Pickle Ball Play. Grants were obtained that funded the Splash Pad, (2016) and "State of the Art" Playground in 2017. Six Pickle Ball Courts were added to the Park in 2017. The second “Dash to the Splash Run” in 2017 raised $10,000 to construct an Outdoor fitness area.

  • winding way path park

    Pedestrian Winding Way Pathway

Our future projects will continue to follow the guidance of the 5 year Master Plan. Fund raising will continue for installation of a shade for the Outdoor Fitness Area as well as Forest maintenance to include inventory and assessment. Planning for a Community Facility will begin, as stated in the Master Plan, to include updated restroom facilities and room for community activities such as Senior Citizens. We also welcome suggestions for future projects not necessarily outlined in the Master Plan.