The Early History of Camillus Park

Camillus Park has been around since the early 1950s. It's located in the Town of Camillus, Onondaga County, New York. The park is located off West Genesee Turnpike, (formerly known as New York State Route 5) Camillus, New York, west of Camillus Commons.

The 36 acre parcel was donated by Florence Munro in 1952. In May of 1953 the town of Camillus, received a proposal for authorization to create a county park. The original proposal included special areas for visitors such as picnic areas with benches, tables, and fireplaces.

This became reality in 1954 when Camillus Park was opened to visitors. A great deal of development funds totaling $25,000 played a major role in helping the park to open quickly. When the park opened it held only picnic areas and a few walking trails. In the fall of 1955 talk of creating a swimming pool surfaced and later became reality.

The swimming pool was created using sheet metal in the shape of a T. The pool was installed by King & King, Architects, Syracuse, New York. The top of the T was only four and a half feet deep and made specifically for swimming while the other portion was designed 10 foot deep and made exclusively for diving. Bath houses were also constructed to aid visiting swimmers.

From the time of the opening of the Camillus Park Pool, addition of restrooms, a pavilion, picnic areas and informal forest trails, little changed in Camillus Park until 2010. Pool attendance declined as personal pools became popular and the cost of maintenance and update was questioned. These questions resulted in the Town of Camillus closing and demolishing the Pool.